A committed dog rescuer is on the lookout for a doggie in desperate need of rescue!

This woman desired to assist the dog in the greatest need – she was successful.

When you say you are saving a dog, most people understand that you are genuinely rescuing a dog from a shelter. Not just hunting for a pretty puppy.

That is how Melani Andrews and a dog named Jake became lifelong friends; she went to Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter searching for an unadoptable dog.

According to the shelter’s Facebook page:

“This gracious woman entered our shelter and inquired as to which dog was the oldest and most difficult to adopt.

Melani desired to assist a dog. But she herself needs assistance. The dog in need she was seeking would ideally also serve as a companion, helping her during difficult and lonely times.

The 72-year-old grandmother had lost her husband soon before losing her Staffordshire terrier. The grandmother had lost her husband and then her Staffordshire terrier, who had been a tremendous comfort to her following her husband’s death.

Melani Declared:

“I was feeling blue and a little melancholy,” she explained.

“My granddaughters came over one night and said, ‘Grandma, you need company.’ You cannot simply sit alone in this room.”

After arriving at the sanctuary, the staff welcomed her and introduced her to Jake, one of the animals there.

He has been a resident of the screen for an extended period. He is a senior and suffers from cancer in addition to skin issues; the shelter started on Facebook. “He was repeatedly passed over. She came instead to save a dog’s life and offer unconditional love to one in need, not for the sake of finding a great dog.”

She was unconcerned about Jake’s veterinary costs. Although he was a 12-year-old canine with terminal skin cancer, he was also deaf and half-blind.

Melani desired to shower this deserving puppy with love despite all of this. Melani stated the following:

When Jake’s two friends turned away from me, he suddenly became enraged and started yelling.

“So I responded, ‘It appears as though he wants to depart, and I will accompany him.

Thus, during his last weeks after taking Jake home, she chose to offer him a wonderful excellent life. And he immediately adjusted into his new home, where he was delighted.

According to the shelter:

As you can see, the fit is excellent.

“I laugh a little bit more every day,” Andrews explained. It is not entirely as alone as it appears. I believe Jake is aware of my affection for him. Because he will approach me and brush up against me, requesting that I touch his behind. And then he’ll sneeze me. And a dog that is unaware that someone cares about him would never behave in such a manner.

We know who saved who. Ultimately, though, what matters most is how these two ended up meeting.

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