As a 4-year-old girl with Down syndrome walks the runway at a fashion show, she melts people’s hearts.

Nothing brings joy to my face, quite like seeing someone challenge the standards set by society and overcome hurdles that have been placed in their path.

In the end, despite the so-called “limitations” that some people impose on others, each of us is the master of our destinies, and as such, we are the ones who determine how high the bar will be for ourselves.

Following her triumph on the catwalk in a fashion show for models with disabilities when she was only four years old, a little girl from Malta has undoubtedly raised the bar very high for herself.

According to the reports, Francesca Rausi, who has Down syndrome, was a star performer at the event, proving to be a light of sunshine for all those in attendance.

Francesca, along with more than 20 other models ranging in age from four to twenty-four, can be seen in footage from the event showing off their sexy moves.

In an interview with Metro, Michelle Rausi, the girl’s mother, said that her daughter Francesca had been modelling ever since she was a tiny child.

“She is the first child in Malta to compete in a modelling competition, and she won the junior top model title,” said her mother. “She loves it.”

Michelle also said that one of her daughter’s goals is to work in the modelling industry, and she shares Francesca’s desire that the knowledge her daughter helps spread about Down syndrome might help others.

Despite her tender years, it would seem that Francesca is already well on her way to establishing a successful profession. She has already earned the title of Best Junior Super Model in the Miss Junior Malta competition and received the award for Best Cutie Little Model in another international competition. Both of these victories put her in the position of being one of the most successful junior models in the world.

Michelle expressed her feelings by stating, “I get extremely emotional watching her because I can see the happiness in her eyes, and it’s just out of this world.”

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