Because her son wouldn’t talk, she told him they would meet john Cena. John has now done what she said she would if they left Ukraine

It’s been 111 days since the war in Ukraine started, and hundreds of people leave their homes every day. Even though those in the middle of it all feel sadness, misery, fear, and uncertainty, some lights shine through the darkness and give hope to those who need it the most.

One of them is a young boy with Down syndrome whose mother got him to leave by telling him they would meet John Cena, his hero. When the wrestling star heard their story, he was determined to make that happen.

Get some tissues, because this one will make you feel good. The story can start after that.

John Cena surprised a 19-year-old Ukrainian refugee with Down syndrome living in Amsterdam with his family.

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A family of Ukrainian refugees left their home in Mariupol to find safety. Going home was confusing and upsetting for 19-year-old Misha Rohozhyn, who has Down syndrome and can’t talk.

To make her son feel better, Liana told him they were going on a trip to meet his hero, John Cena. It seemed to calm him down, making the journey to Amsterdam much easier.

Misha was upset and confused about leaving home. Still, his mom, Liana, made him feel better by telling him they would meet John Cena, who was Misha’s hero.

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News outlets like the Wall Street Journal covered the family’s trip. They said Misha would cry in his room in Amsterdam because they hadn’t met John Cena yet.

His mom, Liana, tried to reassure him again. “I tell him, ‘We’re not done travelling, but we need to stop here and save up a little for a ticket to America so we can find him there,'” she said.

John Cena surprised Misha with a visit because he knew how much Misha wanted to meet him and had heard about him.

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John heard the story, and it made him feel very sad. John Cena is an American actor, author, and pro wrestler. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) organization is how people first heard of him.

John Cena has won more than 15 WWE world titles as a wrestler. He became one of the company’s most popular wrestlers, and many people looked up to him. But that’s not all.

Misha had been crying in his room because they hadn’t met John since they got to Amsterdam, but those tears would soon stop.

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Cena has been working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and no other famous person has been able to grant as many wishes as he has.

Already, there are more than 650, and there will likely be many more. Considering the story we’re looking at, it’s not surprising that John fulfilled one more dream.

When the famous wrestler arrived, Liana started crying, and everyone gave her a big hug. John told Misha, “I’ve come a long way to see you.” “I know a lot about you.

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“I was moved by Misha’s story when I read it. “Not just Misha’s story, but also Misha’s mom’s story,” Cena said in a WWE video. “When I read this story, I had three days off work, and it was only an hour away by plane, so I said, “Let’s go.”

When John Cena showed up in a baseball cap and a green T-shirt that said “Never Give Up,” his family was so happy that Liana started to cry. He told the young man, “I’ve come a long way to see you.” From what I’ve heard, I know a lot about you.” Before they went on to their particular afternoon together, the star gave Misha and his mother hugs.

Image credits: WWE
Image credits: WWE

They played with blocks, ate cake, and talked about their muscles all afternoon. Cena made his famous “You can’t see me!” move for the boy.

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Cena said that he and some new friends “built blocks and ate cake” during the time. In the video, they also talked about their strength, and John showed Misha his famous “You can’t see me!” hand move.

At the end of the visit, Cena gave Misha his T-shirt and baseball cap. He put them on Misha as well. But that wasn’t all. Misha got a statue of his hero and his own WWE Championship belt. “This was a great adventure, and I made a great new friend because of it,” John said to Misha. Thank you for giving me strength.”

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Misha took John’s T-shirt and baseball cap and put them on. But that wasn’t all. Misha got a statue of his hero and his own WWE Championship belt.

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Near the end of the video, Misha’s mom thanked Cena for coming to meet her son. “Thank you, John,” she said. You care a lot about people.

But he thinks his family should get the credit: “Misha’s ability to keep going. That is really cool. “Never give up” is a phrase we’ve all thought about. Cena said they are very strong and that Misha is a great example of their meaning. “Both Misha’s mom and Misha herself are great examples of how sticking with something even when it’s hard can lead to happiness.”

John put the video on Twitter and wrote in the caption, “What a great way to spend a Saturday. Misha and his mother, Liana, show what it means to #NeverGiveUp. Thank you to the WSJ and WWE for making it possible for us to have this particular visit.

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John thanked Misha for helping him and said, “This was a great adventure, and I made a great new friend because of it.”

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The Rohozhyn family is one of the millions who have left Ukraine, and sadly, this number keeps growing. UNHCR told another story about Valentina sitting on the floor with her 2-month-old nephew Andrii. “I never thought I’d have to leave home. “I would have to run away to save my life,” Valentina said.

The 42-year-old kindergarten teacher, her 8-year-old daughter, her sister, and her baby nephew all moved to Poland on March 5. “We picked up a few things and ran. Irinia, Andrii’s mom, said, “All of a sudden, we were… refugees.” “Our troops stayed to protect our country. We found a safe place for our kids.”

Misha’s mother was glad that Cena took the time to meet her son. She said, “Thank you, John. You’re very kind.”

John thinks the family should be praised: “Their great examples of how staying strong can lead to happiness even when things are bad.”

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Valentina looked at Andrii and said, “Now we’ve made it, but I can’t be happy, even though I hold our future in my hands, and he smiles at me all day.”

“He is a refugee right now, but that won’t last. We’ll take care of him from now on. When he is big and strong, he will rebuild our country.” She gave him a kiss on the head and said, “Maybutnye,” which means “future.”

Outside of Ukraine, there are still many things going on, and we can only hope that everyone will be able to go home soon. Here is a list of things you can do if you want to help Ukraine.

We hope Misha and his family can go home soon and wish them the best.

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We hope the best for Misha and his family and can’t wait to hear more stories of people being kind during this challenging time.

Here is a video of their whole wedding day.

Leave your thoughts and comments below, and I hope everyone stays safe today.

This story has moved a lot of people to tears. In the comments, tell us what you think and how you feel.

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