In a desperate bid to avoid parting, a couple adopts two sets of twin

We are delighted for the twins, not that every child is fortunate enough to grow up in a loving family.

Karen and Tobias Thompson, a 55-year-old couple from Cincinnati, Ohio, married in 2014. It is neither of their first marriages. Indeed, they are the parents of seven adult children, 28 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren from a prior marriage.

One may think that life is hectic in their home. Yet this was not always the case. Keeping in mind that each of their children has their own family. They all reside in various locations but visit often.

Karen told Fox News about her huge family, “There is never a boring time.” However, I may return my grandchildren to their parents.

In 2015, little than a year after their wedding, the couple discovered that Karen’s twin niece and nephew, Wilnya and William, who are now 14 years old, were experiencing difficulties in their household. To avoid the children ending up in foster care, they chose to accept them. Karen and Tobias unexpectedly returned to being parents of minor children.

They discovered a year later that Wilnya and William’s half-sisters, Sharnia and Sharleathea, were continually being transferred from foster family to foster home. They requested to take them one day for the siblings to spend more time with. However, it came out that the little twins adored their brother and sister and were adamant about not returning to their foster home.

WCPO-TV quoted Sharnia as saying, “I adore my Gigi even more that I’ve wished to live with her since we came to her home.”

Tobias informed Karen that they should adopt Sharnia and Sharleathea after realizing that the twins should live together. Everything about that sounded wonderful. Karen and Tobias couldn’t bear the thought of the siblings being split up. They had too much work to do as it was. Karen told Fox News, “We had an empty house, an empty nest, and then we ended up with the four.

These loving parents, despite having full-time careers, always make time for their children.

Although having children again and parenting them together is a blessing, Karen acknowledged that it also presents a difficulty.

On September 9, 2021, after years of fostering the four children, the couple became their parents legally.

“It makes no sense to break them up,” Tobias stated. “KEEP THEM ALL United. Show them a lot of affection. That is all they require. Love.”

“You could see the distinction,” Karen said. “They have survived a great deal… This is the end of the tunnel. It was magnificent. It was simply wonderful.”

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