Stepdad puts his foot down after the stepdaughter, and his girlfriend reveals their actual characters.

A mate that makes you feel awful about yourself is not someone you should spend the rest of your life with. Instead, you should get your life in order and go on.

Getting out of a terrible relationship is extremely difficult, but the man was pushed to the breaking point in this story.

He posted about his predicament in a forum, and hundreds of others were eager to assist him.

The person who wrote this said:

On August 3rd, my stepdaughter will tie the knot. The last six months have been filled with wedding preparations for her and her mother. I say mother since we are not married but have lived together for ten years.

Earlier this year, my stepdaughter earned her bachelor’s degree from the university where she attended. Even though it was a public university, I had to fork up $40K to send her there. She has been living with us since she graduated from college since she does not have a job. When she graduated from high school, I gave her a vehicle to drive herself to and from school.

Her slacker father would appear in her life from time to time, and she would swoon for him. Even though he has failed to pay child support or contribute financially to her schooling, which is my girlfriend’s responsibility because c.s. was not included in the settlement. She still adores him and desires to have him in her life. In order to shatter her heart, he stays long enough to leave town without keeping his word.

The wedding location may accommodate up to 250 guests. Since I was footing the bill, I handed them a list of 20 people I wanted to invite. I asked whether it was an issue, and they assured me it was not. As a result, I informed these individuals that they would receive an invitation and make a corresponding note in their calendars. On Saturday, I ran into one of the people on my list at the golf course and asked about his plans. He said he did not get an invitation when I pressed him about it. He said he only received an announcement, not an invitation. He pulled it out of the back of his car, where it had been for the past six months, and showed it to me. Sure enough, it turned out to be nothing more than an announcement with no mention of my name. It was signed with her father’s and mother’s names, not mine.

When I found out that NONE of the twenty individuals on my guest list were “cut” because “250 people is tight,” I got into an argument with my GF. The essential people in my life had already been hurt, so there was not much I could do about it. My GF hinted that she might be able to squeeze in a few extra guests if certain people failed to RSVP. However, in my opinion, that’s the ultimate smack in the face. As a result, on Saturday, I felt like I was on fire.

Our future in-laws’ family joined us for Sunday supper, and the “Real Dad” showed up as a surprise visitor. My stepdaughter informed us at this meal that her “Real Dad” would be allowed to attend her wedding and give her away. A chorus of “Oh how fantastic” and “How wonderful “s erupted in response.

I don’t recall being that angry and offended in the past. My hands were trembling. I was not sure which I was more likely to do: start crying or start throwing fists. I stood up from my chair as soon as I was confident I could talk. Whatever it was I stated, the substance of it was as follows:

“Let us begin with a toast,” I say. In my old age, the clink of spoons on glasses still echoes in my ears. The man said the past ten years had been an honor to be a member of this family. Wow, that’s kind of you. This moment in my life makes me feel like the bride and groom have opened up my eyes to something extremely significant. They were both wearing confident grins. My place in the family is not as secure as I thought it was. Thanks to what they have shown me. Confusion and shock can now be seen on the faces of those in the room. Although I used to see myself as the family’s patriarch or godfather, commanding great respect and sought-after assistance when needed, I now appear to hold the position of an ATM. Suitable for a steady flow of cash but not much else. It has been decided that Real Dad would take up my financial responsibilities for this event. Now that I have been replaced as host on both the invitations and the ceremony itself. To the happy couple and their new journey, we say, Congratulations! My beverage was nearly empty before I realized what had happened. Everyone is free to go now.

Is this an act of self-indulgence? I’m expected to pay $40-50k for a wedding to which I could not invite non? Does that exclude me? This nonsense has worn me out. Both my stepdaughter and my girlfriend have lost their appeal to me. Last night, I made the withdrawal from our joint account. Today I phoned all the merchants I had issued cheques to for deposits to return my money. She has not had a job since she moved in with me; she is unemployed. The venue appears to be the biggest loser, with a loss of around $1500. But the other vendors have been fantastic about refunds.

That is great if you want your REAL DAD to pay for everything and be on the invitation, give you away, and sit at the head table with you.

9:00 a.m. on June 9th – The GF and her daughter had left my apartment. They will be living with the groom now. It was difficult not to be petty about some of the belongings they took with them. But now that it’s done and the locks have been turned. It is time for a beer. I am surprised at how many people found my tale interesting. But it makes me happy to know that there are others out there that agree with me. If I find out what occurred during the wedding, I’ll be sure to let you know. But I cannot promise that I’ll make an effort to find out. There have been rumors that the groom and his parents are discussing ways to make things back and help out. When I discovered that she attempted to write herself a check on our joint account the next day, I lost all respect for her. As a result, I am probably a better ass than her. But I sensed her retaliation was just around the corner. That is all I have to say about the subject. Thanks.

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