The family of his best buddy adopts a 12-year-old kid

How lovely is this?

In the United States, the Children’s Bureau estimates that there are now 424,000 children living in foster care. Over 8,000 orphans in Tennessee itself are yearning to be rejoined with their family or find a good home alongside parents who could love them unconditionally. Unfortunately, there are only 4,000 foster families in the entire state.

Andrew, a 12-year-old Nashville boy, spent much of his life in the foster care system. This incredible young man spent the better part of his life moving from family to family. He had a sea shift after meeting the Gills, an unusual foster family.

Dominique Gill and Kevin Gill have a son named Joc, and he and Andrew got along right away. The guys adore spending time together. They spend their time playing games, going for walks, and generally having a good time. Kevin and Dominique chose to adopt Andrew after noticing how close they got.

Andrew was unaware he was going to become an official Gill family member. He found out his foster parents were adopting him while taking a walk in the park with Youth Villages employee Molly Parker.

Andrew explained, “I just went around a corner and saw everyone.” The question was, “would you?” and my response was “yes!

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