Two pit bulls

A man helped two pit bulls, and they repaid him by saving him from the attack

Getting a new pet is best when you adopt from a shelter. It means you’re giving a homeless or abandoned animal a fresh start in life.

Sometimes when you rescue an animal, they can end up helping you too. That’s what happened to a man who adopted dogs, and they came to his rescue when he needed help.

A man named Robert McGowan discovered two pit bulls at a nearby animal shelter. The dogs had a tough time in the past and were left behind by their previous owners.

It’s not unexpected, pit bulls are the most often seen dogs in shelters. People tend to avoid adopting them because they have a reputation for being aggressive.

He provided a caring and happy home for them, and the pit bulls showed that they were gentle and friendly dogs.But in a recent event, the dogs showed their real nature.

One night, Robert was in his garage when four strangers attacked him. They hit him, causing a black eye, and tried to steal his car.

They asked for the keys, and Robert said they were inside. They didn’t realize there were other surprises waiting for them in the garage.

All of a sudden, the two pit bulls protected their owner by barking and scaring the attackers away. Robert said, “They made the attackers go away. My dogs hurried into the garage and stayed close to me.”

“They stood there barking, showing that they wouldn’t let anyone harm me. The four people ran away.”

Robert explains that the dogs are actually very gentle and not aggressive, even though their breed is known for it. However, they will quickly protect their loved one if they’re in danger.

This story shows how rescue dogs can be very loyal and loving. It makes us think about what could have happened if Robert didn’t adopt them. Robert wants people to think about adopting pets.

“These dogs were saved from being unwanted,” he said. “They saved my life. Please think about adopting a rescue dog. They might save your life as well.”

“Let’s cheer for these amazing pit bulls! Share this incredible story to show how wonderful rescue dogs can be!”

Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples