Teenage girl refuse chemotherapy to give a safe birth to her child

Cancer is a severe disease that grows in you without notifying you. Some people find it out after the worse. Chemotherapy is the last chance of treatments that any cancerous patient had to go. But if you refuse? What will happen to you?

The most tragic story is roaming in Idaho, about a teenage girl who refuses to take chemo treatments because she is pregnant. 

Jennifer Lake was a 16-year-old student from Pocatello High School, Idaho. She first experienced the symptoms. First, she had migraines severely without reason. After numerous attacks, she took to their family doctor, Diana Phillip, 39.  

She went through several checkups and tests. Lastly, her doctor prescribes an MRI on her head. That is where they find out that she is dealing with brain cancer. That was the most disastrous thing to hear as a teenager who has more extensive plans for the future. She envisaged that her years ahead are filling with joy, freedom, and happiness. But sadly, she has to deal with a terrible illness.

MRI indicates the tumor is a small mass measuring about two centimeters wide covering the right side of the brain. She transmits to a hospital in Salt Lake City. But after a series of other tests and scans revealed the mass was more extensive than previously evaluated. And the condition is more severe than before. 

Again after doing a biopsy check, it revealed jenny is diagnosed with a type of brain tumor, Stage III Astrocytoma. Jenni’s case was rare, with 03 tumors on her brain and 03 on her spine because cancer had increased from her brain to another part of her body with no symptoms. 

Her parents, who are separated, remember they were escorted into an office at the hospital and sat down at a table as doctors explained her chances of survival. She had a 30 percent chance of making it two more years with treatment, Mr. Lake said. Even if she made it, the treatments would make her sterile, and she would never be a mother. 

Jenni just flat out questioned them if she would die, Mike Lake, her father, a truck driver from Rexburg, north of Pocatello, related. But She didn’t break down and whine or anything. She acted very strong while her father was heartbroken. 

However, her mom, Mrs. Phillips, recalled that Jenni had a weak moment. She was shocked the day when they told her that she might not be capable of having kids. 

Her boyfriend Nathan, who is 19 years old, stated doctors told us that she couldn’t get pregnant; hence we didn’t worry about it. 

Jenni started her chemo and radiation treatment while she started a YouTube channel named Jenni’s Journey. She expected to upload videos describing her experiences and share them with the world. But she was able to upload only three videos as her treatments made her weaker. Several months later, reports show that her tumor is starting to shrink. 

 A couple of weeks before she got her diagnosis, Jenni started dating Nathan Wittman. But he never left her. They were hopeful and dreaming of starting a restaurant or a gallery.

At once, something unexpected happens, leaving Jenni in a big situation. 

One day she was throwing continuously and suffering from terrible stomach pains. She went to the emergency room fast with her boyfriend, and the couple discovered they were expecting a baby. The ultrasound shows the fetus was ten weeks old. It makes a massive difference in Jenny, who thought that she could never become a mom. 

Finally, her biggest wish, to become a mom one day, was fulfilled. But it means she has to decide on her treatments—either her child or her life. 

Her parents were surprised to hear that their daughter is pregnant. From the beginning, they knew that she could never become a mom as chemo could make her sterile. 

When Jenni went to her oncologist, she already decided to carry on with her pregnancy. The doctor said she could not continue her chemo hereafter. This passionate young lady chose to follow her heart and save the baby, even it put her life at greater risk. 

Her parents expect that the tumor has already started to shrink, so their daughter will have a chance to start treatments after giving birth to the child. 

After nine months of struggling, Jenni and Nathan welcome their baby Chad Michael into the world. It was a month before her 18th birthday and knowing that it is not her destiny to become another teenage mother. 

While her admission procedure at the hospital, she pulled her nurse down to bed level and whispered in her ear.

Later the nurse revealed that I’m done; I did what I was supposed to do. “My baby is going to be fine,” she said quietly.

Jenny was lucky to holds the newborn tightly and kissed. She made the ultimate sacrifice giving birth to Chad and proving what mothers can do for their children. 

For the time being, cancer had marked too much territory; nothing could stop it. Six days after birth, Jenni was discharged from the hospital and went home. She was lucky to cuddle with her little joy bundle for six days at her home. Twelve days after giving birth Jenny was gone from this world while hugging little Chad in her arms. 

Nathan has legal custody of the child. Primarily Nathan’s mother, Alexia Wittman, cared for the child. After years of her passing, Jenni’s family makes sure Chad knows his mom’s sacrifice for him.

Jenni was never once regretted her decision; even her final weeks of pregnancy make her weaker. Her story is moving the hearts of many since she left this world. 

Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples