Heartwarming Christmas journey with a 7-year-old Addy, who is battling childhood dementia

This Christmas is expected to be the final one for 7-year-old Addy, a young girl from England who is battling the rare Batten Disease. She has begun to lose her ability to walk, talk, and eat.

The Daily Mirror says that Batten Disease, also called childhood dementia, is very uncommon, affecting only five kids in the UK each year. Sadly, Addy is one of them. Now, her family is sadly watching her get worse, and they’re worried that this Christmas might be the last one they have with her.

Addy’s mom, Haley, from Swindon, says her daughter’s situation “feels even worse than the worst possible situation.” According to the Mirror, she also said, “We know that this Christmas might be the last one Addy can experience. Our daughter is getting weaker right before our eyes.”

When Addy was four years old, she had a series of seizures, and that’s when her illness was first discovered. Hayley, her parent, explained that the disease takes away every skill the children have learned. Essentially, her brain is shrinking because her body can’t effectively get rid of cell waste. This terrible disease has taken away the Addy they knew. It feels like the little girl in the pictures on their wall is not their child anymore. Hayley remembers her husband crying and saying they might have to bury their daughter.

Now, the little girl is having trouble eating and walking on her own. She’s also starting to lose her eyesight. Over time, she will completely lose the ability to move and think, which is really sad for those who care about her.

Right now, Addy’s family is working to gather money for the nearby children’s hospice. All the money they get before Christmas will help make special memories for the kids there and support families like Addy’s.

It’s really sad! I can’t imagine how hard it must be for Addy’s friends and family.

We really hope that this strong little girl has a great Christmas with her parents and they can make some special memories together.

Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples