Parents refuse to abort even after knowing the baby is going to be born with a deformity: look how cute he is today

To all the parents, their children are the most precious thing in the world. Everyone is treasuring their child even they were born with little different than usual. What the others say is not a matter of concern regarding parents’ love for their kids. 

Sara and her partner Chris Eidam are not different than all parents. Their action makes a massive dialogue among the world. 

This lovely couple was expecting their first baby and was full of hopes for him. But sadly, when she was in her 24th week of gestation, they found something shocking in their ultrasound scan. 

Scan shows the fetus is growing with a rare cleft palate deformity. The baby is also having a severe type of lip. It usually is a small hole in the lip, but the gap went from the lip to the nose in this case. There were only 9 cases of this in the world, said the doctor. 

Source: Instagram/Sara Heller

The couple was shocked for a while. Moreover, these new parents were over the moon since they knew they would have a baby soon. 

When the doctor asked the couple would they like to continue with the pregnancy, they said yes. Sara and Chris decided to welcome their little bundle of joy, whatever he looks like.

The two are ready to do everything in their power to keep their son, Brody, happy, providing all the love, affection, and support in the world. 

The top jawbones come together through the first 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. Then after completing the roof of the mouth and the upper lip. A cleft palate occurs when the tissue does not unite. This condition frequently causes other health problems in the baby, but it is now treatable without affecting its quality of life. 

Sara says she wants to change people’s perceptions of children with cleft lips and palates. The parents are determined to keep their child even without knowing how he will look when he welcomes the world. He will be the most adored baby ever, surrounded by a mother and father who would never leave his side.

It is acceptable to be proud of your child regardless of the circumstances. We wanted to change the look of our ultrasound/newborn/first year photos on Facebook and Instagram. We wanted to raise awareness about cleft lips and palates, the mother explains.

Source: Instagram/Sara Heller

They were aware that the baby might have difficulty breathing, eating, drinking, and even talking if not undergoing surgery.

These parents proudly share photos of their baby Brody on social media, wanting people to be aware that being physically different is not a good reason to reject someone. We should accept each other without considering their outer appearance. Everyone has the right to live in this world without being isolating.

  They got many comments after uploading Brody’s picture on Instagram. Fortunately, the majority of people who saw Brody reacted positively. Of course, some people were curious about what was wrong with the baby’s face.

Source: Instagram/Sara Heller

Sara was not shocked by the comments once. But unless she was not fully prepared to answer them, her son is just a newborn yet. 

Rather than being offended, Sara was glad that people would stop and ask her questions about her son’s deformity. So she could educate them. 

Sara explained, “I chose to educate rather than provoke because that’s what I want Brody to do in the future: educate and advocate for younger cleft children who don’t yet have a voice.”

Not long ago, Sara went out for dinner with her friends and Brody. Suddenly a waitress approached her and gave her a folded piece of paper. She could not stop breaking out tears. It is a check valuing $1000 that came with a moment of a heart-melting message; for the beautiful baby. 

Source: Instagram/Sara Heller

Sara said this good deed renewed their trust in humanity because it came from a stranger. In an instant, tears streamed down Sara’s cheeks, and her heart swelled with joy beyond description. 

When the time came for their little joy bundle to undergo surgery, they use this gift to cover his healthcare costs. 

The surgery was a success, and Brody made a quick recovery. He will require more surgeries in the future, but his parents are pleased with his progress so far.

Today cute little boy has become an entire normal appearance and looks so beautiful. He’s a natural beauty, and his parents are thrilled that they made the right decision to keep him when everyone else is saying to abort him.

This experience has demonstrated the strength of the cleft community. People contact us from all around the country. They are praying for us and requesting that we get them if we require anything.” Sara declared.

It’s a good thing his parents understood that a child is more than just their appearance and that obstacles are defeating with time. 

It melts your heart to see such a beautiful and contented child. There is no doubt in my mind that this little boy will have a bright future.


Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples