Real Santa

Teacher takes a seat on Santa’s lap, completely oblivious to the fact that it is her soldier son

Who wouldn’t want to spend their holidays with their loved ones? I suppose it is what everyone wishes for, because not being able to feel the warmth and friendliness of your home during the most delightful time of the year may be the worst thing that could happen to you. After all, the holidays are supposed to be about family, friends, and the people we care about the most.

Unfortunately, many people are unable to participate in holiday celebrations at home, owing to their rigorous work schedules. Consider all of the physicians, nurses, firefighters, and military personnel who dedicate countless hours and shifts to aiding those in need while also serving a nation. These individuals do not have it easy.

Many troops miss not only the holidays, but also the birth of their children and watching them grow up, as well as birthdays, gatherings, and other significant occasions as a result of deployment. Having a chance to return home is the finest Christmas present for these people and their families.

Source: YouTube/ KPC NEWS

Specialist Ethan Harris served in Afghanistan with the legendary 101st Airborne Division, widely known as the “Screaming Eagles” because to their distinctive patch.

It had been a year since this Specialist had seen his family, and it was finally time for him to return. He was able to spend Christmas with his family, and as it is the time of year when we exchange gifts, he came up with the idea of surprising his mother by doing something both emotional and enjoyable.

The mother of Spc. Harris works at Prairie Heights Middle School. It was the ideal setting for him to appear and make her jaw drop. So he did just that, going to the school’s annual lottery dressed in a uniform that wasn’t the one everyone was used to seeing him in.

Spc. Harris’ mother, Kim Harris, is not only a math instructor, but one of the best ever. She is kind and caring, and her students adore her. Her son had already arrived in the United States, and she was looking forward to hugging him and telling him how much she missed him.

Source: YouTube/ KPC NEWS

A person dressed as Santa is always present on the day of the lottery. This year was no exception; everyone was gathered in the school cafeteria, and the Big Old Man was also present, ready for people to express their Christmas wishes to him. Superintendent Alan Middleton called Kim’s name at that point.

He then instructed her to proceed to the front of the line and sit in Santa’s lap. She was giddy and laughing the entire time. “Peace on Earth and peace toward men,”  

Source: YouTube/ KPC NEWS

She said when Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas.

Despite the fact that her wish list was lengthy, the nicest present she could have imagined was already here.

“My son is safe and sound on American soil.”

Santa then inquired about Kim’s son, but when she replied, “Fort Campbell,” he only had one more question.

Source: YouTube/ KPC NEWS

“Are you certain?”

That’s when Santa exposed his actual identity by pulling his beard down!

The expression on this mother’s face is priceless. She is overjoyed that she will be able to spend the holidays with her son.

Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples