Kind-Hearted Woman

A Piece Of Paper Shared On FB With A Kind-Hearted Woman Helps To A Homeless Man To Reunite With His Family

Life is not predictable. We don’t know what will happens to us in the next minute. It is not either good or bad always, anytime it could change. 

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho, who survived for 35 years as a homeless in the big city of Sao Paulo, never expects a miracle will change his story. 

In the 1970s, during the military government that troubled his country of Brazil, he became homeless. He lost almost everything but never gave up on his living. 

No one will look after or care for a dirty, filthy man. Sobrinho spent his long 35 years on the street alone without getting affection from anyone. All he had was pens and a piece of paper.

This man is a good poetry writer, and every single day it kept his heart alive. But no one ever notices his poems once as he was socially isolating because of his condition. 

As god is fair to everyone, one day a charming woman saw this poor man writing something continuously. she was curious about it. This extraordinary woman named Shalla become the reason to change his journal. 

She noticed Sobrinho is writing something; her curiosity never let her ease until she went to him and asked what it is. She breaks the chains and gets close to the man. The moment she reads his work, she was amazed. 

Every day when she is passing him, she spent a moment with him. At that time, she realized his biggest dream is to publish a book with all his poems. 

Shalla decided to do something for this talented man. She created a FB page to share his precious work. 

Without expecting her, the act became the reason to change this man’s world forever. 

She shared every poem with his life story. Unexpectedly these posts get the attention of many. Everyone admires his talent, and with time these poems got viral in the media. More than 100,000 people followed the page assigned to Sobrinho and could not wait for more poetry. 

The magic of this connection opened an entirely new dimension for the lifetime of this man. The most incredible thing was that Raimundo’s long-lost brother was one among the people who toppled upon Shalla’s Facebook page. He never failed to recognize his brother under the long beard and filthy clothes. He contacted him as fast as. 

A very touching encounter was close to happening, and it touched the hearts of many. Sobrinho was welcome to his family and reunited with them. Finally, he got the opportunity to introduce a place as his home. Long years spent on the street are all now dedicated to the past. But for what he got today, all is thanks to the noble lady Shalla. If she never looks for what he is doing, this revelation will not happen.

Raimundo’s unbelievable life story is featuring in the documentary ‘The Conditioned.’ his story relates to us that it took one second to change one life. No matter what we do or how we look, all we need is a little bit of love and support to find our spot in this world. 

Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples