Incredible surprise

A young man’s encounter with the police leads to an incredible surprise

Here’s a heartwarming story that will make you happy. A police officer got a call to ask a young man to leave a place. However, when the officer heard the young man’s story, something amazing happened as a result of the kindness he showed.

According to a message on Facebook from the City of Hapeville Police Department in Georgia, Officer Colleran went to help when someone asked to have a young man taken away from a certain place.


But when Colleran appeared, he saw that the young man was not bothered. After all, they were there to do yard work like pulling weeds or cutting the grass,  save money, and buy a PlayStation.

The department’s post said, “The young man was nice, polite, and honest. Officer Colleran, who also likes playing games, was impressed with the young man and wanted to help him achieve his goal.”

A little while later, Officer Colleran visited the boy. He took him to the back of his car and the boy’s big surprise, opened the trunk to reveal a brand-new PlayStation 5!

Officer Colleran and his friends pooled their money to help the young man, buy the gaming system he wanted. They also gave him a gift card for an online subscription, and Officer Colleran promised to play games with him online.

Many people online felt happy after reading the story. They thanked the officer for teaching positive lessons and for being kind and understanding to the young man.

“This is amazing not just because the officer bought him a Playstation, but because he cared, listened, and didn’t just react based on the call he got,” a commenter said. They said the officer showed kindness and humanity, and we need more officers like him.

What a nice story! Thanks to the officer for being kind and giving this young man a really special surprise!

Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples