Teenage Basketball Players

Basketball players stood on one of their cheerleaders with downs syndrome getting bullied by others

Three teenagers won the honor of doing good on standing against a bullying girl in the middle of a game. 

Bullying is becoming an everyday problem in high schools, society, workplaces, and even the public. Yet, it is very tough for many. It is questionable why school staff is not doing anything to put a stop to this. They should take some action to protect the victims and punish the bullies who are misbehaving. 

Still, it is questionable why do people enjoying through hurting others physically and emotionally. It is not acceptable at any time. Significantly, just because someone is different does not imply they should be bullied; others should treat them with respect.

Unfortunately, everyone does not think like that. Such people must learn a life worth lesson for once. We found a fantastic story of three teenagers at Lincoln Middle School who give a perfect example of bullying in the same crisis.

Chase Vasquez, Scooter Terrine, and Miles Rodriguez are best friends and basketball stars in Wisconsin. The three are so intimate that their comrades refer to them as the Three Musketeers.

They show the pure meaning of friendship and the strength of standing against the wrong on the day. 

They were in the middle of a game when seeing one of their cheerleaders is humiliating by others. She is an innocent girl who is having Down syndrome named Desiree Andrews. Seeing how that rival fans are making fun of her makes them angrier. 

Desiree Andrews (right) pictured with her fellow cheerleaders (Photo Credit: YouTube)

So they decided to stop the game and stand for their little fan Desiree, making sure no one will pick on her. Their action was heart fluttering for others, and they were ashamed of not doing something against the beliefs beforehand.

Desiree Andrews pictured with her fellow cheerleaders (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Chase Vasquez, Scooter Terrien, and Miles Rodriguez took up for Desiree Andrews when she was bullied during a game. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Three heroes are letting everyone know that bullying is not something they would be patient with.

Desiree Andrews pictured with a member of the local news team (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Once the team members saw this, they called a time out from the judgers and walked out to support them. Fourteen years old, Miles recalled that they were furious about the incident and even asked the sports director to lecture to the people and advice not to make fun of her. At very first, they could not think about what is happening to her. They wait for a time to make sure what they are seeing is correct. 

This little lovely is a best friend of three musketeers, and they are ready anytime to protect her. 

Desiree Andrews work as a cheerleader at Lincoln Middle School. She is pretty much enjoying cheering on the sports teams whenever they take the field. Sometimes words abandon her, but never not afraid to let her dancing and music do the talking. She wanted to become a cheerleader after seeing a girl with Down syndrome in her favorite TV show, Glee. 

Desiree Andrews and the basketball team before boarding a bus for a Gala Event. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

The girl is a best friend of Scooter, Chase, and Miles. in return, they are ready to protect the girl any time anywhere and make sure she is not hurt. That is why they could not stand a minute after seeing Desiree be bullying. They stand face to face with the bullies to protect Desiree.

Desiree’s father was exhilarating and thankful for the boys who protected his daughter. In tears, he said; I am so grateful and want to let them know how I owe and appreciate their good deed.

On the other hand, boy’s fathers are proud of their sons. Raising a son with encouragement to stand and face injustice is the parent’s ambition. Once you saw their action in place, you are proud of yourself for making a better human. 

They walk the girl into her classroom, making sure she is safe. 

The school was full of their good deed, and everyone is talking about them. Currently, bullying is almost entirely defeated, and everyone is talking about inclusion and shows kindness. The story influenced many teenagers from all over the country. Everyone is trying to become a more genuine person and respect their companions. 

Lincoln Middle School preceded a step further and began something worth all the appreciation.

The school named the gym D’s House, and that name stands for friendship after Desiree. 

The gesture deeply touched by the athletic director Timothy Nieman said this is the true spirit of a team, not only a basketball team who plays but a team supporting others in bad situations.

Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples