Drew Scott and his wife Linda

After years of trying, Drew Scott of “Property Brothers” and his wife are finally parents

Being a parent is a thrill, especially after trying for years without success. After years of trying and failing, Drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan are ecstatic to be expecting their first child.

Because he is a Canadian reality TV star, Andrew Alfred Scott, also known by his stage name “Drew Scott,” is well-known. He and his brother Jonathan Scott are the major stars of the program “Property Brothers,” as the title may imply.

He plays a real estate agent in the program about fixing properties, while his brother plays a contractor.

The first time Drew met his wife has been a topic of much discussion. He claims that the first time he saw Linda Phan devouring a big piece of pizza, he knew she was the one.

Drew recalls their first conversation, which led to their becoming husband and wife. I approached her [Phan] and asked, “Where can I get a drink of water?” he recalled about the encounter.

Soon after, he took Phan to meet Pedro, their best friend in high school, and his twin brother and co-star Jonathon. After being immediately impressed, Jonathon informed Drew that his girlfriend was a nice one.

How does Phan recall their first encounter? “My sister and I were backstage looking for pizza and water when Drew came up to me and asked, Hey, where’d you get that water,” Phan recalls.

The couple finally went on what they refer to as “the longest first date in history” after first meeting a few months earlier. Drew wasn’t even initially invited to the karaoke party that followed dinner at a sushi restaurant and hot chocolate at a café.

At the party, Drew sang beautifully, and they both performed a few duets well into the night.

Before meeting Phan, Drew was unaware of his romantic side. He even claimed to have been single his entire life, concentrating on his work and interests.

However, all changed when he met his wife since she inspired love feelings in him. But Linda unexpectedly entered my life and caught me off guard when I wasn’t looking for her. I have to say that Linda taught me the true meaning of love. Linda forced him to reveal a side of himself that he wasn’t even aware he had.

He popped the question to Linda in December 2016 to make things official. Later, he admitted that he had kept the ring hidden for several weeks out of concern that Linda might unintentionally discover it.

He created the ring by himself. The engagement ring was made especially for her. It had a swirly setting and weighed 1.2 carats of brilliant round cut solitaire.

“Linda doesn’t wear rings very often, and when she does, they’re usually small, simple, and elegant because she is so small,” he said about the ring. I added a swirl solitaire mount with four prongs to the 14-karat white gold ring because I wanted to create a fashionable piece.

Drew travelled to New York to record “Marry Me,” a well-known song by the band Train that is frequently used as a proposal song. While eating dinner with Phan, he played it. Later, he secretly planned an engagement party for everyone.

Phan oversees numerous projects for Scott Brothers Entertainment’s media company in her capacity as creative director. He works for the family business as well.

Although they had a lavish wedding in Italy, it turned out that the couple had already been wed in Nashville, Tennessee. They reminisce about how funny it was that the justice of the peace attended their private hot tub wedding. They also exchanged burgers for each other rather than rings.

The couple looked forward to having children as the next phase of their lives after getting married. Even more so, Drew declared, “We’re excited to be parents. We’re eager to begin that chapter of our life because I believe Linda and I will be wonderful parents.

Their Los Angeles home even has space set aside for when they have children. But after two years of trying, they began to wonder if perhaps something was wrong. To find out what was going on, they visited a doctor.

Their tests revealed that Phan’s thyroid issue made it difficult for her to become pregnant. She began receiving medical attention for her condition, and the couple also looked for other couples dealing with similar issues. Even if they weren’t pregnant, they discussed how they would be open to adopting a child.

But they learned something in August 2021 that altered their lives. They received the news that they had a child. The happy father posted a picture of his wife’s growing baby bump along with the information on social media.

The delighted soon-to-be-parents thanked everyone who had assisted them, particularly the medical team. “Getting here has been quite an adventure,” Drew wrote in the caption. We are aware that we are not the only ones going through this and that everyone encounters challenges along the way.

On their “At Home” podcast, the couple informed their listeners of the birth of their son on May 4, 2022. They were excited to announce to the followers of their news. According to them, Parker James Scott is their son’s name.

The newborn, who weighed 8 pounds, 1.8 ounces, was born on the couple’s fourth wedding anniversary. The couple’s happiness is beyond belief.

Now that he had a son, Drew stated in his podcast that he was attempting to prioritize his family. I believe having a child changes some aspects of who you are, he said. Even though I still adore what I do and enjoy supporting other families, Parker will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples