When the cashier suggests she gets a doll that “looks more like her,” the little child responds perfectly

Sophia, who is just two years old, like playing with dolls and dressing up, and she has big plans to become a physician when she grows up.

According to Brandi Benner, the woman’s mother, her daughter believes she is already working as a physician. “She enjoys providing checks, and the moment you walk in the door, she’ll let you know that’s the first thing you need,”

Therefore, in 2017, when the toddler had successfully finished a month of toilet training, Sophia’s mother brought her to the shop to pick out a present. Sophia had an obvious idea of what she wanted to receive.

The delighted youngster was escorted to the Target store in South Carolina so that she could choose her gift, and she immediately chose the doll dressed up as a physician.

She tried to pay for it at the register, but the cashier persisted in questioning the little child several questions, which infuriated Sophia’s mother.

Brandi rushed to Facebook to explain the event and how her clever child had the proper reaction before she had a chance to vent her frustration in the shop.

According to a post that Sophia’s mother, Brandi, made on Facebook, the cashier reportedly asked Sophia whether she was going to a birthday party and had chosen the doll for a friend.

Sophia’s blank look surprised the cashier, and her mother had no alternative but to explain that the doll was a prize for Sophia’s exceptional performance during the potty training procedure.

The lady then inquired whether or not Sophia was confident that she wanted the doll, to which Sophia said, “Yes, please!”

The teller told Sophia, “but she doesn’t look like you at all.” “We have a large number of different dolls that are a better representation of you.”

Mom Brandi said that she began to feel quite irritated, but Sophia responded this way before she could do anything about it.

“You’re right; she does. Similar to me, she, too, works in the medical field. And I’m a gorgeous girl, and so is she. Both of us are pretty. Do you see how lovely her hair is? Do you happen to notice her stethoscope?

The cashier was stopped in her tracks by Sophia’s statement, and mercifully, she abandoned the line of inquiry after replying with, “Oh, that’s good.”

Brandi believes that Sophia first learned the term “stethoscope” from the children’s television show “Doc McStuffins.” On the other hand, she gives Sophia credit for being aware of what is significant and notes that another kid could have been disheartened by her inquiries.

My previous experiences showed me to believe that we do not come into this world with the preconception that skin tone is significant. Brandi has written that “skin comes in a variety of hues just like hair and eyes, and each hue is lovely.”

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A user commented, “She’s my type of kid, and you’re my kind of mother!”

“My little child adored the black Cabbage Patch baby she got for Christmas. Despite her fiery red hair, she has icy blue eyes and a white complexion. She slept with him, and he brought her wherever they went. Another person chimed in, saying, “I’m very proud of her generosity and how she sees deeper than others.”

While yet another said, “Beautiful tale, and perhaps a learning lesson for the lady. “Thanks for your help, and remember to keep up the excellent job!

Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples