Bullier Daughter

Brave father taught a lesson to his bullier daughter by treating the victim shopping spree infront of her

Bullying others is not a fascinating thing. The victims are suffering while bullies make fun. It is a continuing problem in many schools around the world.

When you tell parents how their kid is making fun of others and disrespectful, no one will accept it. Most parents stand on their children, showing complainants that they are innocent. But some might take action on their child for not being the reason for someone else suffering. 

A brave father stands against his daughter’s bullying behaviors and teaches her life lesson. 

Re’Onna is a teenage girl, with her other schoolmates bullying a fellow mate girl named Ryan. Ryan is recently suffering from losing her father, grandfather, and aunt and having a hard time. Re’Onna’s actions towards her make her life worsen. Even she could not explain to others how those affect her. 

When the victim’s mother knows about this, she contacted Re’Onna’s parents without expecting a positive answer. She knows that how parents are protective of their children even when they are wrong. But she could not handle watching Rayan suffering more. 

When she spoke with Re’Onna’s dad, Randy was surprised to overhear his daughter’s destructive behaviors. He apologized and proposed to teach his daughter a worthwhile life lesson in a unique approach. Rayan’s mom was surprised to listen to their response and happy about them. 

The saddest thing here is Randy, too, had gone with the same suffering in his teenage years. He knows how misery to be bulling. And he hates the fact that his daughter is a bullier who makes others’ life harder. So he made his mind to stop her action on the spot. 

Randy made an excellent effort that every parent would applaud him for punishing his daughter. 

Re’Onna is a shopping lover more than anything. Randy knew this fact, and he uses this against her to teach her a lesson. 

Randy is saving to shopping with his daughter. As now he knows she is a bullier, he thinks that she doesn’t deserve it. She also should get to know that she is not deserving going shopping with her dad. Instead, he picks to spend it all on the victim. To add insult to injury, Re’Onna had to join with them to see what she lost for insulting others. She had to witness her dad buying all the nice stuff to the other kid ignoring her. 

At first, she was mad badly. But later on, she realizes the depth of effect she has made on the kids by bullying her. Her father’s act helps her understand that everyone is not fortunate like her, while bullying can have disastrous outcomes on people. 

Throughout shopping, the two girls got to know each other and made themselves. Now they are best friends. In this matter, her father was happy every after for teaching his child a valuable lesson. 

All thanks to Randy, who deserves the parent award of the year. Even though he loves her very much at this critical point, he decides to make the right choice for his child’s safety. He wants every parent in this world to acknowledge that they should do all in their power to take their children into the right pathway, to make them better human beings. Even the measures are taking are desperate. 

Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples