Daniel Harrison with his father Kevin.

Thousands of birthday greetings are sent to the “friendless” autistic child

An AUTISTIC kid with no friends has received hundreds of birthday wishes from people worldwide, including A-list celebrities.

On his 15th birthday yesterday, Daniel Harrison received a tonne of thoughtful notes from total strangers as a result of his father, Kevin Harrison’s poignant Twitter plea.

Daniel Harrison

The extremely autistic son of Kevin from Arnold, Nottinghamshire, disclosed online that he “hasn’t one friend” and that one of his birthday goals was to “make friends.”

Additionally, he posted a picture in which Daniel listed his priorities as “drive a car” and “making friends” in the space provided.

Kevin, who was devastated by his son’s response, took to social media to ask for birthday wishes on the teenager’s big day yesterday.

Daniel Harrison with his father Kevin.

I was astounded to receive tens of thousands of responses from individuals throughout the globe, including science-fiction actors Mark Hamill and William Shatner.

Daniel’s my son, Kevin, wrote in a Twitter post. Really autistic. Not a single buddy. Today is his birthday.

His two wishes in his Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP) were to learn to drive and make friends.

Please send him birthday greetings. Show him some love, please. Please do so.

Kevin Harrison’s tweet asking for birthday messages for his son.

Surprisingly, his message has gotten more than 45,000 comments and over 110,000 likes from fans throughout the world.

Numerous A-list celebrities sent their well wishes to Daniel, including well-known figures like Mark Hamill, William Shatner, and Russell Crowe.

Hamill wrote: “For my friend Daniel” and included a gif of his character Luke Skywalker with the caption, “The force is strong with this one.” Kevin later disclosed that Daniel “idolises” Hamill.

Mark Hamill tweets birthday message to Daniel on his birthday.

William Shatner states Daniel has more friends and fans than he realizes. Daniel, happy birthday.

Russell Crowe, who plays the Gladiator, wished Daniel a happy birthday.

Russell Crowe’s message to Daniel.

Numerous other Twitter users worldwide, including those from Alberta, Canada, and Melbourne, Australia, also posted encouraging remarks.

Happy birthday, Daniel,” tweeted SomehowSane from Florida in the United States. As with you, I have autism. Being different might make you feel quite alone.

Remember that there are always individuals out there who are different in the same ways that you are different, even when you feel alone.

From Melbourne, Australia, @rgv_2000 wrote: “Happy birthday, Daniel. Carter.” and included a video of their youngster expressing his desire to be Daniel’s friend.

“Hello, Kev!” wrote @bunsenbernerbmd from Alberta, Canada. Here are the Twitter Science Dogs Bunsen and Beaker.

“Would Daniel enjoy it if we sent him some stickers of us? Send us a direct message, and we’ll send some out right away.

“Happy birthday, Daniel!” read the message from Laura Bongiovanni in New Jersey, USA. Since she has autism, my daughter Angelina has also had difficulty making friends. I assure you that things will improve, and she now has a large circle of friends.

Kevin was so moved by the outpouring of support that he came to Twitter today to express his gratitude to everyone.

“I have been touched by humanity this morning,” he remarked. You all won’t be aware of the suffering he endured as a youngster.

Kevin remarked in a statement today: “It’s astounding. Daniel doesn’t appear to comprehend or even be trying to grasp.

Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples