Turia, who endured a severe forest fire and was forced to wear a mask for two years, is now mother

When 27-year-old former model Turia Pitt got caught in a bushfire while competing in an ultramarathon in Australia six years ago, she could not escape. Burns covered 64% of her body and were very serious. There was a possibility that she wouldn’t make it, according to the physicians.


Michael Hoskin, Turia’s lover, left his work as a police officer after the accident so that he could take care of her. He has been a constant supporter and shield for her. As far as Michael was concerned, he was going nowhere.

In the time since Turia has had 200 operations. She lost seven fingers, and it took her almost two years to get back on her feet.

In 2020, she was interviewed on the terrible day the flames engulfed her during a 100-kilometer race in outlying Western Australia.

Pitt recalled having a “bubbling sense of terror” and recalling seeing pieces of her flesh attached to the rocks and spinifex.


Michael purchased Turia a diamond engagement ring while she was in the hospital’s critical care unit, and he proposed to her in 2015. Michael claims he popped the question to her in the Maldives.

After four years of marriage, Michael finally proposed to Turia with a diamond ring he had purchased while she was in critical care.

For two years, Turia masked her face while her wounds healed. After a while, she started to feel better. Every day, Michael tells his wife, “You’re gorgeous.”

In 2016, they tied the knot.


After seven difficult years, most of which were spent in the hospital, Turia expresses gratitude to Michael for his unwavering support.

When I was single, I never considered sleeping with my spouse. I can’t believe I get to spend the night next to such a handsome guy. He’s a lovely person, and I’m blessed to have him, Turia Pitt told the Daily Mail.

“It’s always a good day when I start it with Michael at my side.”


The pair have picked up the pieces of their life and are trying to go on after the terrible catastrophe that changed everything.

She doesn’t want pity, and she doesn’t want to attract it. Michael reveals to News.com.au that his wife “simply wants to go on with her life.” To paraphrase, “She is stunning, incredible.”


And yet, despite all of this, they still felt like something was missing.

They were looking to start a family.


Turia announced her pregnancy with the couple’s first child on Instagram in 2017.

Quickly, word traveled throughout Australia, where many had been following the couple’s exploits for years.


Although she couldn’t run a marathon for a time, the expecting mother said she still stayed in shape by walking and doing little weight training.


And then their child came!


On December 7, 2017, Michael and Turia gave birth to their son, Hakavai. The delivery of the couple’s second child, a boy called Rahiti Hoskin, was announced on February 9, 2020.


They got married and are now happily raising a family together.


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