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Idaho’s father gives tormentors a harsh lesson after calling his son a “monster”

A typical elementary-aged youngster is Jackson Bezzant. He is an upbeat young man who loves to fish, be outside, and be with his family.

Jackson only differs from other children in that he was born with a disease called Treacher-Collins syndrome. It has an impact on the growth of face tissue and bones.

In Jackson’s situation, he has had surgery to reconstruct his eye socket and is almost entirely deaf.

He has also been subjected to ongoing bullying at school from kids and even some adults as a result of it.

When he found out that his son had been called a “monster” at school, his father in Idaho was “destroyed.”

After that, the angry father finally decided that enough was enough and embarked on a quest to deliver a lesson to the abusers of his kid.

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Jackson’s father, Dan, has frequently witnessed this bullying.

He remembered walking down the street with his son and hearing a woman say, “Did you see that little boy’s face?” as she passed them.

Any parent who observes their child being harassed would find it challenging to retain their calm, let alone focus all of their attention on keeping their child happy and grounded. Still, Dan usually managed to do just that.

Dan was obliged to speak up due to a recent incident at school since he could no longer keep quiet.

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When three bigger boys came over, Jackson Bezzant was eating breakfast in the school cafeteria.

They started mocking the small boy, calling him “ugly” and a “monster.” Jackson was forced to suffer the cruel teasing while helpless as a teacher’s aide saw and intervened to halt it before it worsened.

Dan was moved to tears when he heard the tale, but the situation was far from ending.

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Jackson had probably experienced bullying in the past, but Dan was determined to make this one the last.

Dan would tell all of his son’s abusers that enough was enough.

After becoming weary of regularly seeing his little kid tormented, teased, and humiliated, Dad posted an impassioned letter on Facebook criticizing the bullies.

Dan is alleged to have remarked, “My heart is in pieces just now, and my soul feels like it’s ripping from my chest,” as reported by People Magazine.

“This handsome young guy, my son Jackson, has to put up with a never-ending bombardment of ignorant remarks and insults. His classmates regularly call him a monster, weird, and ugly. He mentions suicide while being under eight years old!

He claims everyone hates him and has no friends. Children shove him and hurl pebbles at him while yelling these abhorrent comments. Please take a moment to consider what you would do if this were your child. Spend a moment explaining to your kids about people with disabilities. Talk to them about empathy and loving one another.

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Treacher Collins is the name of his illness. Even research it. He has had numerous gruesome surgeries and will have more in the future,” wrote Dan.

Dan doesn’t blame them and doesn’t want others to either, despite the fact that some may blame the school or the instructors for Jackson’s bullying.

According to him, the parents who failed to impart love, compassion, and acceptance in their children should take the fall instead.

“I hope parents who read my essay will know my pain. Please inform your youngsters that bullying is not acceptable. Share this, please. Nobody should be through this, Dan remarked.

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Jackson was born with Treacher Collins syndrome. Hence his looks frequently drew criticism.

The unusual condition hinders facial bone and tissue growth, causing incorrect change and glaring abnormalities.

Tragically, during his life, he will need several other procedures.

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After reading his message, Jackson’s schoolchildren contacted Dan and his family to become friends with and look out for the youngster.

Dan’s heartfelt remarks helped Jackson connect with two neighboring kids with Treacher Collins syndrome. They will meet up right away to enjoy a playdate.

After being overwhelmed by the wonderful support, Dan set up a PO box where people could send Jackson letters or cards, and the box has been gradually filling up ever since!

Facebook / Dan Bezzant

Reading Dan’s fervent Facebook appeal and learning of Jackson’s abuse at the hands of other children broke my heart. No one should tolerate bullying.

Many bullying incidents are certainly unintended; kids may occasionally comment on what they see without thinking about the implications or how they could make others feel. But as Dan showed, a little knowledge may stop much suffering.

Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples