Tyler Moldovan

Tyler Moldovan, A Police Officer Who Is 22 Years Old And Was Shot Eight Times, Is Said To Have Made A “Miraculous” Recovery. He Has Gone Back Home

Tyler Moldovan, a Phoenix police officer who was shot eight times in December 2021, was finally able to go home on Thursday after a month on life support and several months in a rehab center.

“We started our recovery program 129 days ago at Craig’s Health and Wellness Center. We’re leaving today with great growth, great resources, and a great group of new friends (our staff and other families).”

On December 14, 2021, Moldovan was shot and seriously hurt when he went to help a driver who was acting strangely after getting a call about him.

The 22-year-old officer was taken to the hospital, where he was put on life support and given a poor outlook. But the level of Moldovan might slowly get better over time.

When he was in the hospital, his wife Chelsea told their Instagram followers what was happening.

After the accident, it took Tyler three weeks to be able to go outside and breathe some fresh air again.

“We know that Tyler knows the people around him and reacts to them, like smiling, with facial movements. “He opened his eyes when no one thought he would,” she wrote one week.

In January, Chelsea asked people to keep praying for her husband, who was still sick but making steady progress.

According to what Chelsea wrote, “We won’t stop believing that Tyler will keep getting better.” “He’s already a miracle, and his progress in just three weeks is amazing.Things that before seemed to be impossible are starting to become practical.”

A few days later, he started moving all four limbs. After a couple weeks, the happy couple heard that Tyler would be released from the hospital and sent to a rehabilitation center to finish his recovery.

She posted a message on Instagram that said, “Six weeks ago, no one knew where we would be now.” ” No one even thought about going to rehab in the future. But now look at us! By God’s grace, we made it!

After four months, Tyler finally found his way back home.

On Thursday, he was let out of where he had been staying to get better. After getting off the plane at Deer Valley Airport, medical staff took him to his home in an ambulance.

On the last part of his trip back home, his family, friends, and supporters lined the streets to welcome him warmly.

The founder and president of Operation Blue Ribbon, Anne Ender, said, “I don’t think we thought we’d see this day,” so it is both a joy and an honor to be here.

Tyler, who is in a wheelchair and can’t move around much, will keep working on his recovery in the comfort of his home.

“Only God could do something like this. One of Tyler’s supporters, David Margau, was quoted as saying there is no other way to explain it and that it can’t be disputed. After being shot eight times, it’s a wonder he’s still alive. He shouldn’t be here.

Essa Kolareh Eugene Williams, who is thought to be the person who shot Tyler, was caught and is now being charged with several crimes.

Officer Moldovan has been on my mind and in my prayers since I heard about this terrible event. I’m so happy to hear that his health has gotten so much better!

We ask that you spread the word and keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to get better.

Brenda A. Maples
Brenda A. Maples